Product Version - 0.2.0 - What's New

Release Notes

We've revamped the user interface in several areas to give you a more consistent look and feel throughout. There are two new features we are beyond excited to share with you. We've added some infrastructure updates that are boring (but awesome for future releases). And, as always, we addressed all the bugs we could find.

New Features:

Llama 2 - Meta AI

Having two AI language models was fine, but three is better. We started backplain knowing we would give you the option to utilize many different LLMs and AI services. In 0.2.0, we add Meta's Llama 2 to your AI arsenal. The model has been trained on 2 trillion tokens and has a context length of 4096 (twice that of Llama 1). It will be an option for new chats, will honor backplain's PII filters and will be part of our new multi-chat feature as well. Admins will be able to select a Default AI service and turn on or off a specific service if it is not applicable for the company.

Multi Chat

Now that we have three AI models to answer and respond to your prompts, we wanted to give you the opportunity for all of them to respond at the same time. Multi-chat gives you the opportunity to choose all three models and toggle between their responses to each of your prompts, allowing you to focus on the one that handles your prompts the best for the situation at hand. As we add more AI services this will be critical to identify the ones that suit your particular needs, even as your needs and the AI models themselves evolve. We hope you'll find seeing how Llama 2 responds versus ChatGPT 4 or 3.5 with a simple click of the button as informative (and enjoyable) as we do.


User Interface Improvements

We've revamped the User Interface to make it more consistent throughout and standardized across pages. This is not an exhaustive list, but it caters to the more noticeable upgrades.

  • We've redesigned the left navigation bar. Users will see Services and be able to expand that to see their existing Chats and recent history. 
  • The Help button is more prominent with the same functionality.
  • Chat includes a services dropdown, a full screen option and, of course a new button for the New Multi Chat functionality.
  • We've modified the Chat History and conversations to more align with the look and feel of other pages.
  • We've added a dropdown button to shift between the multiple AI Services and now offer a full screen option as well for focused AI time.
  • Our Multi Chat option has all three AI services responding with the ability to shift to each model's response throughout the chat.
  • We've added rays to the top of the screen and moved the User Profile and avatar to the upper right alongside them. The bottom left is where you'll see your backplain plan details.
  • Our Mobile design is more user friendly. Log in and get access to chat immediately and effectively with a refreshed and simplified interface. 
  • For Admins,
  • The Administration page now begins with an Admin Dashboard that summarizes everything for you on one page with multiple tiles. Each tile has a pop out button that will take you to that specific admin page.
  • The Reports page has summary graphs for Usage and Technical (for # of prompts and response times)
  • The Users page has a new look and feel with a large search field that matches the other admin pages, a new invite button, and the design is consistent with the other admin pages.
  • Compliance Alerts page has the same large Search field as the Users page, a filter by category dropdown, and a link to manage the Compliance settings page.
  • The compliance settings page has check boxes replacing the toggles. 
  • The services page lists all the AI service models available and give you the ability to select a default service (for when a user simply clicks the New Chat button) and disable specific AI services if so desired.
Backend Authentication Infrastructure

Although not as exciting as adding a new AI model or Multi Chat, the changes we've made with our authentication infrastructure allows for more secure authentication and prepares backplain to scale with more enterprise features available in future releases.