What to ask if you are a Middle School Teacher

Backplain prompt ideas for Middle School Teachers

[Last updated: September 10, 2023]

If you are a Middle school or Junior High school teacher who is new to backplain, these sample prompts can provide you with a starting point:

As you review the answers, consider asking additional follow-up questions that are tailored to your specific class, students, parents, and teachers.

1. Help me design an interactive history lesson for my middle school students.

2. Generate discussion questions for a literature circle activity in my language arts class.

3. Suggest strategies for managing a diverse classroom of middle schoolers.

4. Provide tips on creating engaging science experiments for middle school students.

5. Assist me in developing a project-based learning unit for my social studies class.

6. Share ideas for teaching middle school students about digital citizenship.

7. Offer guidance on incorporating critical thinking exercises into my lessons.

8. Help me plan a field trip that aligns with our middle school curriculum.

9. Generate a list of math problems suitable for seventh graders.

10. Suggest ways to address cyberbullying and online safety with middle school students.

11. Share strategies for teaching time management and organization skills.

12. Provide tips for fostering a growth mindset in my middle schoolers.

13. Assist me in creating a classroom environment that promotes respect and inclusivity.

14. Offer advice on managing and grading student projects effectively.

15. Help me design an engaging and informative parent-teacher conference presentation.

16. Generate writing prompts to inspire creative writing in my middle school class.

17. Suggest strategies for integrating technology into middle school lessons.

18. Provide me with tips for teaching effective note-taking techniques.

19. Share ideas for organizing and managing classroom materials efficiently.

20. Assist me in planning an end-of-year celebration that middle schoolers will love.

21. Offer guidance on addressing and managing disruptive behaviors in the classroom.

22. Help me plan a collaborative project with other middle school teachers.

23. Suggest ways to incorporate SEL (social-emotional learning) into my curriculum.

24. Provide tips for differentiating instruction for gifted and talented students.

25. Generate discussion prompts for promoting thoughtful classroom discussions.

26. Assist me in setting academic and behavioral goals for my middle schoolers.

27. Share strategies for teaching middle school students about financial literacy.

28. Offer advice on creating engaging and informative multimedia presentations.

29. Help me develop a lesson plan for teaching research skills and citing sources.

30. Suggest methods for teaching environmental education in middle school.

31. Provide tips for organizing and supervising middle school field trips.

32. Share ideas for teaching conflict resolution skills to middle schoolers.

33. Assist me in planning a science fair project for my middle school class.

34. Offer guidance on promoting teamwork and collaboration among students.

35. Help me create a classroom schedule that maximizes instructional time.

36. Generate writing prompts for journaling and reflection in middle school.

37. Suggest strategies for teaching persuasive writing and argumentation.

38. Provide tips for incorporating art and creativity into middle school lessons.

39. Share ideas for teaching media literacy and critical thinking about news.

40. Assist me in planning a multicultural education unit for my middle school class.

41. Offer advice on addressing the unique social and emotional needs of middle schoolers.

42. Help me design a lesson plan for teaching coding and computer science.

43. Suggest ways to teach responsible use of social media to middle school students.

44. Provide tips for organizing and conducting science experiments in the classroom.

45. Share strategies for fostering a love of reading among middle schoolers.

46. Assist me in planning a career exploration activity for my middle school class.

47. Offer guidance on incorporating mindfulness and stress-relief techniques.

48. Help me create a classroom environment that encourages inquiry and curiosity.

49. Generate discussion questions for teaching ethics and moral values to middle schoolers.

50. Provide me with tips for managing and reducing teacher stress in middle school settings.