Product Version - 0.2.1 - What's New

Release Notes

[Last Updated: September 14th, 2023]

You would never imagine that 0.2.1 was a minor version update as you read through these release notes. The latest update brings a range of enhancements, including multiple user feature updates, the introduction of a new AI model (spoiler: Google PaLM 2 joins the backplain family!), UI changes, and infrastructure improvements. Look forward to a utilizing a new AI model in an efficient user interface. Let's dive in.


New Features:

New AI Model

Welcome Google PaLM 2 to backplain! Learn more about Google's AI here. We included the main Google PaLM 2 AI models and incorporated the Codey Chat Model of PaLM 2 as well. Codey was trained on 20 different development languages and can translate code between languages (think Python to JavaScript translation).

New Multi Chat Features

With a new AI comes new UI changes to the Multi Chat page. 

  • We're presenting the AI Models in a carousel at the top of the Chat window. It's a cleaner look, but it also stays in one place as a header above the chat rather than floating above each chat response. This will give you and your users more screen real estate to view the AI results. You'll be able to flow along the carousel to choose the AI model that works best for you.

  • We have included status updates on the carousel in the Multi Chat and in the drop-down menu of the normal chat to indicate the offline status of a provider.

User Interface Changes

Just when you think UI changes are cosmetic, backplain changes the script. 

  • Chat History for users will be displayed with the most recent chat first and have historic chats following below.
  • We have updated the invitation email to have a more minimalist and straightforward design that accurately reflects its purpose and functionality.
  • Results in the Admin dashboard as well as the User and Compliance Alerts pages have been modified to display the most recent first. It will be easier to get a clearer view of the active users and prioritize alerts.
  • For administrators, we have included a new user action called "Resend Invitation Email" in the Actions drop-down menu. This feature is especially useful for users who may have missed or been unable to access the original invitation email in a timely manner.
  • Admins will also notice the reports page has improved filters which help the page load faster and display more relevant, useful information.

Infrastructure updates

  • We've improved our email flow for more reliable and confident delivery.
  • We've implemented substantial updates to our infrastructure in order to minimize any potential interruptions for essential service maintenance. These changes ensure a more reliable and seamless user experience.