Reports Page

Who is using backplain in your organization and how are they using it?

[Last updated: July 16, 2023]

Is There Anybody in There?

On the main Admin page, the Reports tile is where you'll get several graphs that explain how backplain is being used in your organization and by whom. The majority of this will be self-explanatory for a reason. We are trying to give you reports that make sense right when you see them while getting across as much information as possible. In that vein, we've created three distinct categories divided by the tabs you find at the top of the Reports page: Usage, Cost, Technical.

For every one of the reports and charts defined below, hovering over any data point will give you detailed information of the data behind the graph.


The Usage reports attempt to show you three separate categories of use.

  • Usage by AI Service

As we add more AI services in the future this will give you insight into which services are being regular utilized and by how much compared to other services.

  • Usage by User
  • Details of Token Usage

You'll notice the reports are variations of these three key categories. 

  • Tokens by Day and AI
  • Tokens by AI
  • Tokens by User and AI
  • User prompts
  • AI service Requests over time
  • AI Total Prompts

Through all of these, you'll be able to identify your top users, the AI services they use and how many prompts/requests they are sending.

Expect future reports and potential customizations.


Not to be confused with Billing but a page that helps complement Billing. The reports are divided among the AI units of cost, Tokens and straightforward costs. You'll notice the designation of AI Service and User and how much they are consuming per day. As backplain increases the number of AI services, this reports page will give you another view into what services are being consumed and by whom. You'll also be able to get insight on the time of use by your user base.


It's hard not to say this is the place for the reports that have no category because, this is the place for reports that we feel are worthy to show but don't fall within the other two categories. This is where you'll find longer term trending reports, Averages for responses, sessions, response times, session length times, etc. You'll have these per AI service and per user. 

There will be insights gained through these reports, but they are more aligned with technical insights than Usage or Cost

Feedback and Update

We have several feature updates for Reports in our roadmap. We are hopeful to get feedback through the Support and Feedback link for any reports and feature that you want to see here.